• How do you print in the Library?

    1.  Sign in at the circulation desk with your Student ID/ A#.

    2. The library staff will direct you to a computer.  After you gain access to your document.  Press "file" and "print" .  

    3.  Choose a printer to print to-- choose : "LawsonSecurePrinting"  and  press PRINT.

    3. Students may print up to 20 pages at no charge,  (this may change in the near future).  

    4. When you have finished printing all of your documents let a library staff member know that you are ready for your documents.  They will pick up your print jobs for you. 

    5. Make sure you have all of your douments before you leave.

    6. If you need a stapler or a holepuncher- those are located in the library for your convenience.  

    NOTE** All jobs are printed and deleted.

  • When is Freshman Library Orientation (ORI 101) offered?

    The Library will offers various modalities for library orientation to accommodate the needs of our students. Many student complete the online Library Orientation, but students can also request individual/small group virtual library orientation or schedule a face-to-face session on either campus.  

    • All individual or small group virtual library orientations will be conducted via Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom or Teams. Please use the links below to schedule your library orientation. 

            Use this link to request a  FACE-TO-FACE individual session  FACE-TO-FACE INDIVIDUAL ORIENTATION REQUEST

            Use this link to request a  VIRTUAL individual  session VIRTUAL INDIVIDUAL LIBRARY ORIENTATION REQUEST 

            Use this link to read information about takeing Library Orientation ONLINE (self-paced)  ONLINE SELF PACED LIBRARY ORIENTATION 


Student Sign In
  • Do I have to sign-in each time I enter the Library?

    To sign in at the library come to the circulation desk sign in.  You will need your student ID and you will need to know your A#.  

    If you leave and reenter the library on the same day, just go to the circulation desk and let a library staff member know that you have already been in previously.  They will already have your information.

    You do not have to sign out when leaving the library.



Borrowing Books and Materials
  • Who can borrow books and other materials?

    Borrowing of all Library items - books, videos, reserves, etc. - is a privilege available to all Lawson State students, faculty and staff.

  • What do I need to check out books and other materials?

    You need your current Student Photo ID to check out books and other materials. Then, visit one of the Library's service desks to check out your materials.

    Other Important Information:

    If you do not have your Student Photo ID, you must go to:

    • Bessemer Campus:  Cashier’s Office
    • Birmingham Campus: Cashier’s Office.


    If you lose your Student Photo ID and someone else uses it, you are responsible for the materials checked out using your ID. If you lose your Student Photo ID, report it to the Library and the Lawson Police immediately.

  • How long is the check out period?

    Books are checked out for 2 weeks with the possibility of one renewal. DVD and other audiovisual materials are checked out for 1 week with the possibility of one renewal. Reserve materials (textbooks), reference books, magazines, newspapers and some of our videos are for in-library use only.

    You can renew checked out items on your card from our website using the My Account feature. If you wish to renew an item, you can bring it to one of our libraries (Birmingham or Bessemer)  or you can call Circulation Services at (205) 929-2068 (Birmingham) or (205) 929-3526 (Bessemer).

    If an item is overdue, you must bring it to one of our Libraries in-person to renew and pay any overdue fines.

  • Can I check out books through InterLibrary Loan (ILL)?

    At this time, the Lawson State Library does not does not provide Interlibrary Loan (ILL). However, at Lawson State you will need:

    1. Your current Student Photo ID to check out materials.
    2. Then, visit one of the Library's service desks to see if we can help you locate the book in a local school, public library or store.

    What are reserved materials and where are they located?

  • Reserves are items, including textbooks, that Lawson State instructors have placed for student use at the Circulation Desk in the Libraries. Reserve materials can include additional reading assignments, sample test questions, class notes, and other course related supplements. Reserve items are arranged by course number (located on your schedule or syllabus). You will need your Lawson State Student Photo ID Card to view any reserve materials located in the library.

    Reserve materials are checked out for two (2) hours at a time, and are "in-house-use", which means they are to be used only within the Libraries (Bessemer or Birmingham campus). Removing a reserve item from the Library will result in a student’s library privileges being blocked, i.e. the student will not be allowed access to any other reserve materials for any class for the rest of the semester.

    Will I have fines?

  • Books checked out from the circulation stacks area are fined $.25 per day to a cumulative maximum of $20.00 per book. Two (2) hour reserve materials are fined $1.00 per hour.

    Fines for reserve materials accrue even when the library is closed. If reserve materials are lost, the total cost of the materials plus a replacement fee will be charged.

  • How many items am I allowed to check out?

    You may check out up to four (4) books at one time.

  • What if I lose a book?

    If you lose any library material, you are responsible for the replacement cost and a processing fee of $5.00.

  • Where do I return items I checked out?

    Books may be returned to the staff at the Circulation Desk.  However, reserve materials must be physically returned to the staff at the Circulation Desk.

    Do not leave materials unattended on the counter of the Service Desk.

  • How can I renew a book?

    You may bring materials back to the library or login to your My Account online to renew them. You may renew regularly circulating items one time. Materials may also be renewed by telephone or email.

  • To renew online, go to the library homepage.

    Your USER ID has your Lawson State College A-Number listed on the card. You must use a valid Lawson State College ID number to login. The PIN is generated upon request. Please go to the Circulation Desk at either Library to obtain a 4-digit PIN.

    Next, select the items you wish to renew. Once you have logged in, you may change your password, and place a hold on a book that is checked out.

    To change your password, select Edit My Account.

    NOTE: If you don't know your Lawson State A- Number, or if you forget your password after you have changed it, ask at one of the Library's Service Desks.

Off Campus Database Access

If you are on the LSCC Bessemer Campus or the LSCC Birmingham Campus you will have access to all databases and resources.  However, if you are off campus you will be prompted for a username and password before gaining access to databases and resources. 

You must be a registered LSCC Student to have access to Library resources:

The USERNAME is your complete LSCC email address.  For example:  

The PASSWORD is:  The same password you use to access your LSCC email.


If you have problems accessing resources please feel free to email us at or call 205-929-3526 or 205-929-2068 during normal business hours.

When is the Library Open?

                                                      Fall and pring Semesters

 Birmingham Campus Library:                                          Bessemer Campus Library:

Monday- 8am-5pm                                                           Monday through Thursday- 8am-8pm

Tuesday- 8am-8pm                                                           Friday- 8am-4pm 

Wednesday 8am-8pm                                                       Saturday- CLOSED

Thursday-8am-5pm                                                           Sunday- CLOSED

Friday 8am-4pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

Sunday- CLOSED

                                              Summer Semester     

                       Bessemer and Birmingham Campus Libraries

                            Monday-Thursday- 8:00am-6:00pm

                                    Friday -Sunday-CLOSED


What is the Laptop Loaner Program?

The Laptop Loaner Program is a program that allows registered students who have a ZERO balance (owes no tutition or fees) to check out a laptop for an entire semester.  (Students approved for financial aid that has yet to be applied to their tuition will be considered).   

The library now has a limited supply of laptops.  We will checkout laptops out to registered students as long as they are available.  

We do keep 2 laptops charged in the library for emergency use only.  

1. Students must call, email or come by the library to check out a laptop. 

2. Students will complete and sign a laptop agreement form at the library.

3.  All laptops are due at the assigned date near the end of each semester.

***Please call or email before you come to the library to see if laptops are available.

205.929.2068 or 256.929.3526 or email us: